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Active ingredients for the beauty industry
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Active ingredients

Our range of over 200 innovative active ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry, including our star Matrixyl™ range, have proven efficacy and safety profiles to meet emerging consumer demands.

With a research-driven approach and commitment to excellence in the science of skin care, our bioactive ingredients offer cutting-edge solutions for the skin and hair, designed to address various concerns, including anti-ageing, hydration, brightening, complexion evenness and radiance, protection against environmental damage, firming and more.

We are constantly innovating in biotechnology, molecular synthesis, vegetal extraction, and plant cell culture. Our range constantly improves with new and exciting concepts to match consumer trends, more sustainable production techniques and ever higher quality and standards.
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30 years of experience on cosmetic peptide synthesis

In 1993, Sederma actives (acquired by Croda Beauty in 1997) produced the first characterised peptides for cosmetic application. Since then, our peptides, particularly Matrixyl, have been the industry standard for anti-ageing active ingredients and one of the rare ingredient names that is recognised by consumers. Matrixyl is often used as a benchmark to evaluate the anti-wrinkle capabilities of other anti-ageing active ingredients and holds the 25 Years of Innovation award to reflect its unrivalled impact on the beauty ingredients market.

Today, over 1500 products across the globe include Matrixyl in their skin care formulas.

And more than 35 years of biotechnology mastering

As a leader in cosmetic active ingredient manufacturing, one of our main concerns is sustainability. As such, we have chosen to develop biotechnology to produce molecules of interest in quantities without causing any damage to the environment.

Our current portfolio of active ingredients is comprised of around 30% materials produced via biotechnology, with guaranteed efficacy, reproducibility and absolute sustainability, answering many customer's needs including; anti-ageing, environmental protection, radiance, seboregulation, skin tone uniformity and eye care.

After 35 years of work on biotechnology and more than 20 years on plant biotechnology in particular, Croda Beauty’s expertise and progression offers unlimited potential to produce molecules of interest.

Find out more about our history of biotechnology here.

Active ingredients for all skin and hair care concerns include:

  • anti-ageing
  • eye-care
  • brightening
  • energising
  • environmental protection
  • lip care
  • moisturising and nourishing
  • nail care
  • pilosity
  • radiance and skin uniformity
  • seboregulation
  • stretch marks
  • silhouette sculpture
  • and more…

Active ingredients