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Skin care

Caring for your skin from your head to your toes
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Skin care

We develop innovative skin care ingredients based on evolving consumer trends and the latest scientific knowledge. We have a wide spectrum of sustainable, market-ready ingredients for use in anti-ageing, cleansing, moisturising, shaving and complexion-enhancing formulations.

Today, consumers are looking for efficacious skin care products that are not only safe and sustainable, but also incorporate wellness into routines. Consumers also increasingly seek products that fit into their individual lives, looking for customised, tailored solutions that allow them to express their true selves. Skin care products are not only efficient at addressing skin concerns, they can also be fun! Consumers are ready to experiment with new and effective products, drawn to transformative textures and experiential applications.

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How can Croda help you develop your skin care products?

We develop highly effective actives, market-inspired emotives, and functional chassis ingredients to help you create innovative, on-brand skin care products with unique textures and on-trend concepts that answer the needs of the consumer; regardless of their region or beauty routine.

We offer a broad range of ingredients that deliver compelling and perceivable benefits to both consumers and the formulator. From delivering instant hydration to even skin tone, effective cleansing to protection against environmental damage, combining our actives with our vast range of emollients, emulsifiers and rheology modifiers ensures enjoyable delivery with finely tuned sensorial aesthetics.


We’re world leaders in active ingredients for anti-ageing skin care, with Matrixyl™ being recognised as one of the most innovative and effective cosmetic actives ever created. Learn more about our anti-ageing range here


Our high-performance cleansing ingredients go beyond make-up removal claims with gentle cleansing emollients, low foam surfactants and emulsifiers and natural exfoliation ingredients. Learn more about our cleansing range here


Moisturisation is the fundamental benefit that consumers from expect from a skin care product. This doesn’t mean moisturisation products all have to be the same. There are many ingredients available to help you differentiate your moisturising formulations, from delivering additional benefits to providing unique sensations. Learn more about our moisturising range here.

Complexion enhancing

A flawless complexion is made possible through targeting a number of factors: blemishes, hyperpigmented areas, redness, dark circles, acne, fatigue or uneven tone. Croda can help you with all of these with our wide range of actives and effect ingredients.

Skin care products