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Novel carrier systems for the beauty industry
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We offer encapsulated technologies with various particle sizes and benefits for both cosmetic ingredients and fragrances.

Benefits include vectorisation, to allow the active molecule to reach the biological target; stability enhancement; penetration speed modification; and ease of formulation.Delivery systems are designed according to the desired benefits and the nature of the ingredient. Stability, performance against non-encapsulated ingredient equivalents and formulation compatibility are all part of our development.
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ReVitAlide™ is a water-soluble encapsulation of retinol. Stability studies performed against free retinol show that encapsulation protects retinol from UV, air and temperature exposure, making it easier to formulate with. Our exclusive carrier system also makes the retinol highly bioavailable and well tolerated. Transcutaneous penetration studies showed controlled release of retinol. Toxicological and clinical studies demonstrated a good skin tolerance. After two months of application, encapsulated retinol confirmed the expected wrinkle reduction even at a three times lower concentration than recommended.

Crystalide™ employs a carrier system for the peptide pal-KTFK which creates a crystal skin effect by harmonising the epidermis maturation process.

Vegesome™ Moist 24 is the world’s first moisturising active ingredient integrated into 100% vegetable origin capsules. Most face powders use dehydrating ingredients such as talc. By adding Vegesome moist 24 into formulation you can counteract this. This 100% natural system has been demonstrated to progressively release the active ingredient to procure an immediate moisturising effect lasting at least two hours. Empty capsules also absorb excess sebum from the skin surface to make it appear matte and velvety.

These are just a few of the encapsulated technologies we’ve developed and we’re continuing to develop more. You can see the whole range on our product finder using the link below.

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