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Colour cosmetics

Be bold, be beautiful
women with dramatic colour eye shadow;

Colour cosmetics

We provide solutions that get the best out of your colour cosmetic formulations; effective pigment wetters for pressed eyeshadow formats, film-formers for long-lasting mascaras, vegan-suitable or natural emollients and waxes for smooth and hydrating lip formulas and effect ingredients for skin blurring primers and foundations.
various lipstick colours
New opportunities for colour cosmetic formulators are emerging. ‘Skinification’ has expanded the claims landscape typically associated with colour cosmetics creating a boom in skin care and makeup hybrids. At Croda, we can bring our formulation expertise to help you navigate the evolving trend landscape.

Choose Croda for:
• Sustainable chassis ingredients that provide structure, emolliency and emulsification
• Functional ingredients to deliver moisturisation, durability and vibrancy
• Actives to provide skincare benefits and more
• Botanical extracts and oils to meet the latest market trends
• UV filters for SPF claims and protection from UV-induced ageing
• Ingredients to deliver sensorial dimensions to formulations

Colour cosmetic products