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SphingoCare™ - Our complete range of Sphingolipids and Ceramides for cosmetic applications

SphingoCare is the name of our new range of ceramides and sphingolipids designed for cosmetic applications. In the likes of hyaluronic acid, retinol, peptides or vitamin C, ceramides are trusted ingredients sought after by consumers for their recognised performance. Ceramides from our SphingoCare range are mostly biotechnology and plant derived.

The use of biotechnology in personal care is by no means a new development, but significant advancements in this field have meant that modern biotechnology now offers a novel route to manufacture for ingredients long heralded in skin care, such as ceramides, sphingolipids, and phospholipids. At Croda Beauty, we develop high purity natural derived bioactive ceramide and sphingolipids from yeast fermentation. Their biomimetic structure is like that of lipid components of human skin, demonstrating outstanding skin barrier improvement, moisturising, as well as numerous additional unique benefits.

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Skin barrier heros

The stratum corneum is our first line of defence and consists of corneocytes surrounded by multilamellar extracellular lipid membranes. It is described as a brick-and-mortar barrier that prevents excessive water loss from the body and entrance of undesired substances from the environment. To ensure this crucial protective function, the composition and organisation of the multilamellar lipids is highly specific. The main skin barrier lipids are ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol in an approximately equimolar ratio, with ceramides making 50% by weight of those total lipids.

Illustration of how the make up of Shingocare

SphingoCare is a skin inspired range of key stratum corneum lipids.

Each lipid holds unique and complementary functions within the skin.


These skin barrier hero ingredients offer extended benefits for skin and hair care such as skin hydration, scalp well-being, soothing, environmental protection, lip care, microbiome and hair cuticle smoothing.

SphingoCare - nature inspired, bioengineered, skin and hair active lipids

These trusted ingredients are available at high purity level, pre-dispersions, or as biomimetic blends.