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On-trend, unique and sustainable fragrance options
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Our fragrance houses, Parfex and Iberchem, offer a wide range of on-trend, unique, and sustainable fragrance options to meet the evolving needs of the beauty industry.

Scent is crucial in defining the brand identity of a personal care product. Their large team of award-winning perfumers can find the perfect fragrance for your product, whether you have a specific idea in mind, or you prefer to be guided by their experts. Each creation is meticulously developed to add value, improve user experience, and build loyalty to your brand.

Some of the benefits of working with Croda for your fragrance needs are:

• Huge proprietary database of formulae for consultation and use.
• Growing range of sustainable, ethically sourced, and natural fragrances.
• Access to expert perfumers who can formulate to your needs. All our fragrances are tailor-made to suit the production methods and formulation of each client.
• Technicians relying on a broad range of bespoke lab equipment, allowing us to achieve faster results and superior performance on each project.
• Global team of marketing experts that stay abreast of the latest olfactory and technological trends, allowing us to continually broaden our palette of refined creations.
• Ongoing commitment to staying cost-effective lets us offer quality fragrances at fair prices.
• Unique fragrances for both leading and challenger brands.

Croda Beauty relies on two dedicated fragrance manufacturers who fulfil our perfume requirements.