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Croda Beauty's in-cosmetics Global 2024 roundup

We were delighted to welcome customers old and new from around the globe to our stand at in Paris last month. At this year’s event, we focused on our innovative technologies, our expert credentials and sustainability across a broad range of personal care applications.

Scroll to the bottom to find out more about our focus ingredient launches and formulation innovation.
Croda Beauty at in-cosmetics global 2024 in Paris

A focus on innovation and sustainability

The importance of our innovation and commitment to sustainability was clearly evident across our Croda Beauty stand with specially designed ingredient and formulation zones, as well as a feature wall and map that highlighted our stand-out sustainability credentials and brought to life just some of our global sustainability stories. The theme and feel of the stand with open spaces, vibrant colours and plenty of different seating areas created the ideal atmosphere for meaningful face-to-face customer meetings, and our stand was busy for the whole three days of the exhibition. This gave us the opportunity to meet with customers and colleagues from our global Croda Beauty community as well as snap some selfies together at our selfie station inspired by Croda Beauty Botanicals. It was great to see lots of interesting discussions taking place with a definite buzz and positive vibe throughout the show.


Sustainable steps with Croda Beauty

To further consolidate our commitment to sustainability, we literally walked the walk with colleagues and customers alike with our sustainable steps with Croda walking challenge, in partnership with Treekly®. Our Croda community walked a total of 3.8 million steps, planting 1488 trees and providing 15 workdays of fair pay employment. By 2050, these trees will have captured an estimated 461 tonnes of CO2 which is the equivalent of 412 flights from the UK to New York. 


New and featured ingredients

We used the opportunity at in-cosmetics to showcase our very latest ingredient launch of NatraFusion™ SL HA. This ultra-mild biosurfactant combines cutting-edge technology with renewable feedstocks to deliver highly effective cleansing, both alone and through synergistically boosting performance when used as a co-surfactant. Derived from upcycled black spruce and created through an environmentally friendly process, ChromaPur™ CV2 also featured on stand and emerged as a finalist for the in-cosmetics Green Ingredient Award. For sun care, we promoted our newly launched COSMOS-approved Solaveil™ CT-60W, a water-based dispersion that provides high SPF efficacy, and formulation flexibility together with clarity on skin.


For hair care, we launched Crodamol™ GTS with patented technology and an eco-friendly profile that includes biodegradability, low water toxicity, vegan suitability and cruelty-free, whilst delivering superior performance in shine and smoothness. We also featured SensaLuxe™ DF, a biodegradable, non-aquatoxic and inclusive ingredient that delivers consumer perceivable improvements for hair. We were also able to preview with customers our new Crodabond™ CSN, a naturally-based cuticle sealing active that provides instant and long-lasting split-end repair for longer, smoother and healthier hair. 


Croda Beauty Actives launched SphingoCare™, our new comprehensive range of ceramides designed for cosmetic applications. These hero ingredients are mostly obtained from biotechnology and are available either at high purity level, pre-dispersed, or as biomimetic blends. Also featuring at the show were Luceane™, is a new active ingredient that boosts cell energy to combat Hypoxiageing™ (and also a finalist for the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award at the show), Mel[o]stem™, dedicated to fading both age and sun exposure pigmentation disorders for an even skin complexion, and Ameyezing 4.0™ which helps to improve the appearance of undereye redness and puffiness, as well as vascular dark circles.


Phytessence™ Osmanthus was the brand-new launch from Croda Beauty Botanicals. Known as the protective flower for daily life, Phytessence™ Osmanthus has antioxidant and soothing properties, and is the ideal ingredient for geo-care routines. Another new launch from Croda Beauty Botanicals was the oil soluble Heliami™ range of five plant extracts obtained by maceration in organic French oleic sunflower oils with greater omega-9 levels and better formulation stability. This range allows formulators to dive into trending marketing concepts through the strong emotive components of the related plants. Also highlighted was Phytessence™ French Rose EC, an innovative Rosa Gallica extract with local and sustainable sourcing as well as proven moisturising and protecting properties, and award-winning Zanthocare™, that recently won the skin microbiome award at PCHi Shanghai thanks to its multifunctional activity as well as being a perfect fit with inclusivity and the body positive movement.


Formulations taking centre stage

Our Formulation Zone took centre stage on our stand to perfectly demonstrate how Croda Beauty can offer a complete, sustainable solution for formulation development with effective and functional ingredients, actives, and botanicals alongside fragrances from Iberchem and Parfex.


Stand-out formulations showcased within our Formulation Zone included our transformative Instant Smooth and Shine Hair Gel-Oil created using two brand-new ingredients, Crodamol™ GTS and Crodabond™ CSN. New ingredient NatraFusion™ SL HA was used in our Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel, a low-foam facial cleansing gel that uses an ultra-mild combination of sulfate-free surfactants to leave skin clean and fresh. Also featured were Moisturising Rose Facial Mist containing Cytokalmine™ EC and Phytessence™ French Rose EC from Croda Beauty Botanicals, and SOS Oxygenating Milky Mist an easy-to-use holistic radiance solution formulated with biofermentation-based active Luceane™.

For more formulation inspiration, please check out our Formulation Finder.

As we look back at our experience at in-cosmetics global 2024, we are grateful for the positive feedback, engaging conversations and connections made. Our stand was more than just a showcase of our products; it was a reflection of who we are as a company and what we stand for. 

After such an amazing show in Paris this year, we look forward to in-cosmetics global 2025 in Amsterdam.