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Beauty trends 2023: Croda analyses the WGSN beauty forecast S/S 2023

WGSN has outlined the innovations and lifestyle drivers that will shape all product categories in S/S 23. At Croda we are experts in trend insights and creating innovative concepts that are adapted to the beauty market. In this blog, we’ve analysed the latest WGSN report and selected the most relevant and high-performing beauty trends that will attract consumers in 2023 and help you to create a successful product.

While the global fallout from the events of 2020 has been brutal and sudden, and uncertainties will continue into 2023, an era of optimism is finally dawning. 2023 brought a return to normality, but a normality that is being redefined.

"Green" trends are merging with science for more sustainability and simplicity, personalisation is accelerating, the explosion of global well-being treatments continues and finally, creativity and self-expression are making a comeback for a positive renewal.