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Prejuvenation is the latest skincare trend amongst Gen Z. Here we outline everything you need to understand what prejuvenation is, how to market to the trend and how to formulate on-trend products.
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What is prejuvenation?

Prejuvenation rather than rejuvenation or, put another way, prevention instead of a cure. Prejuvenation is about preventing the signs of ageing before they even appear, rather than reacting to them once they've begun. Consumers adopting a prejuvenation lifestyle are seeking to look good and feel good for longer and extend their youth.

Who is the prejuvenation trend for?

Prejuventation means adopting a proactive approach to skincare from a young age so that consumers can lay the foundation for healthier and more resilient skin as they mature. As such, the target audience for this trend are people in their 20’s and early 30’s, mainly Gen Z and some of the very youngest millennials. The term sees high demand in North America, Europe and South Korea with growth opportunities in the Middle East and LATAM.

What do you need to know about the prejuvenation trend?

Prejuvenation consumers are mostly Gen Z women. They define themselves as “beauty enthusiasts”1 and have a high degree of knowledge of specific ingredients. They’re interested in high-performance and technically advanced skin and wellness products that are marketed with a science first approach that includes plenty of evidence of claims. This group is also socially conscious and wary of terms like “anti-ageing” preferring “ageing well” or “looking youthful for longer.”

What products meet the prejuvenation trend?

In terms of consumer products prejuvenation can primarily be grouped into products which protect the skin from external aggressors like UV rays, pollution and blue light and products which work to counteract early signs of ageing such as retinol, peptides and collagen boosters.

For protection, Synchrolife™ counteracts the harmful effects of digital pollution while Pacifeel™ improves the resilience of sensitive skin against a wide variety of agressors. Luceane boosts cell energy to combat hypoxiageing. It also improves the skin’s natural holobiont to reinforce its natural ability to protect against aggressors. Mel[o]stem counteracts sun exposure pigmentation disorders (dark and flat white spots) while our Solaveil™ range of titanium dioxide mineral shields are ideal for achieving a high SPF formulation in a light feeling formulation that is perfect as an everyday sun protection.

When it comes to preventing the early signs of ageing we offer active ingredients that can be as effective as the “tweakments” Gen Z consumers are incorporating into their beauty care routines. OptimHyal™ is better than a hyaluronic acid injection, it contains contains glycokines which stimulate hyaluronic acid neosynthesis and sustain its turnover. Calmosensine™ SP offers a botox like effect on wrinkles. Luceane™ counteracts hypoxiageing™, induces micropollutant removal within the cells, invigorates cellular metabolisms and reinforces skin’s holobiont. It slows down the ageing process by 5 years after just 1 month of application, resulting in a reduction of skin fatigue signs and radiance improvement. Crystalide™ is unique peptide that assists in epigenetic regulation leading to improvement of the skin surface quality. PoreTect™ strengthens the skin structures which hold pores tight, leading to the appearance of smaller pores and smoother skin. Finally, Matrixyl™ synthe'6 is simply one of the best anti-ageing active ingredients in the industry. It works by introducing matrikines, extracellular matrix-derived peptides, which act like cell messengers able to regulate the sequence of events required for skin repair.



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