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Inspired by nature, biotechnology harnesses the power of cellular and biomolecular processes of living organisms, offering limitless potential for the creation of innovative, naturally derived and vegan-suitable ingredients.

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Solaveil™ product finder

Filter, compare and learn more about our solar protection products by using our very own dedicated Solaveil product finder.

Embrace Midlife, a trendy matter in the cosmetic industry

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The "Embrace Midlife” trend

Discover how the traditional anti-ageing narrative is replaced by the celebration of the unique qualities and experiences that come with age?

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Croda Beauty

Innovating for a beautiful world, one experience at a time

At Croda Beauty, our mission is clear: to pioneer smart science that enhances lives. With a relentless commitment to innovation, we craft ingredients that redefine beauty standards, setting trends and surpassing expectations worldwide.

Our dedication to excellence drives us to develop ingredients that not only meet evolving consumer needs but exceed them. From high-performance formulations to sustainable solutions, we empower our customers to create products that stand out in a competitive market, building enduring brands and captivating consumers.
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