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The addition of sun protection claims presents a growing opportunity within skin care and colour cosmetic products, a trend known as sunification. Here we outline everything you need to know about sunification.
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What is Sunification?

The benefits of a daily sunscreen for preserving skin health are now well recognised amongst consumers, but there are still a few barriers for some to applying some sunscreen daily, such as cost, feel or even simple laziness. Enter hybrid sun protection products such as foundations offering SPF or skin cremes with mineral dispersions.

These hybrid products offer consumers the benefit of reducing the number of products in their daily skin care routines whilst giving them all of the benefits they have come to expect from separate make-up, moisturiser and sunscreen products. 

Who is the Sunification trend for?

In short, protection of the skin is important for all skin types, and, as a result, sunification is for everyone. Rather than marketing sunscreen to people who think they might not need it, sunification products reach an audience that are aware that they might benefit from a sunscreen but wouldn’t necessarily think to incorporate it as a separate step into their daily routine. 

What do you need to know about the sunification trend?

One thing to be mindful of with products targeting the sunification trend are sustainability and safety concerns. Consumers are aware of the benefits of sun protection, yet express apprehension around using traditional organic sunscreens due to the negative attention they receive about their impact on ocean life. Whilst this has driven demand for eco-friendly, mineral only sunscreens, there are also a number of myths around titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Any sunificaiton products therefore need to balance safety for both the individual and the environment.  

What products meet the sunification trend?

Croda’s Solaveil range of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide dispersions are among the safest and most sustainable ingredients available for providing UVA and UVB protection. They can be incorporated into a wide range of formulations.

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