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Textured hair

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Relaxed women with textured hair;

Textured hair

With more people choosing to keep their textured hair natural, avoiding straightening and relaxing products, we’ve pulled together some key insights on this trend for embracing textured hair.

With 70% of people worldwide having some form of textured hair, ranging from wavy to kinky, or coily, there has been a growing demand for tailored solutions to addressing the distinct needs of different hair types.
close up of women with curly hair

Why is this changing now?

The natural hair movement has been around for some time, but attitudes in more recent years have shifted as consumers look to embrace, maintain, enhance and celebrate natural textures.

Diversity is important to appeal to consumers looking for solutions that resonate with their own hair needs, addressing issues that they perceive. These can include (but are not limited to):

  • Dryness, which is a major challenge for people with textured hair due to its intrinsic curl pattern, uplifted cuticles, less sebum secretion and the shape limiting how this sebum is spread.
  • Textured hair tends to have more weak points within fibres and therefore can be more easily broken or damaged.
  • The tight curls lead to a high number of knots, making it difficult to comb.
  • Hair moisture is lower in comparison to other hair types.
  • Presence of curls makes the appearance of hair less shiny and duller.
  • Definition of curls, hair volume, baby hair and frizz are day to day issues.

What are people with textured hair looking for in hair care products?

Consumers with textured hair look for gentler, sulfate-free formulations that care for their specific hair type. Due to having less sebum in comparison to those with straight hair, consumers look for products that protect the hair without stripping it of its essential oils. To combat dryness, solutions that infuse moisture into the hair and scalp are also a priority.

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