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40+ years of botanical extraction expertise
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Botanical extracts

We have more than 40 years of botanical extraction expertise including pioneering new and proprietary extraction techniques that are more sustainable and preserve more of the active and useful molecules of our botanicals.

With consumers increasing demand for products which are perceived as “natural”, our wide range of botanical extracts can provide natural solutions to substitute synthetic formulation ingredients in cosmetic formulas.

Botanical extracts are also key to the storytelling and brand identity of beauty products. The use of botanicals and minerals in personal care products creates the brand story; be that a connection to unique ingredients, powerful sensorial experiences or innovative concepts. We draw inspiration from unexpected places to create unique, trend-driven products that help you tell a captivating story.
spring flowers in sunlight

Sustainable botanical extracts

Our plant extraction technologies allow us to extract the best of the plant and supply a large catalogue of ingredients that answer current market needs while maintaining our commitment to sustainable sourcing and production.

The zeodration process is exclusive to Croda in the beauty industry and is the most eco-responsible drying technique. This gentle solution respects the integrity of the active molecules, while consuming less energy and producing less CO2 than other drying methods. It also allows easy titration of the botanical extracts, for constant and reproductible concentration in active molecules.

To ensure that botanical extracts are as optimised as possible on an industrial scale, we use the Microwave and Eco-Sound™ processes, two rapid processes under mild conditions that respect heat-sensitive molecules.

Microwave extraction enables selective extraction, reduced energy consumption and solvent use, as well as long-term stability and improved homogeneity.

The Eco-sound process uses ultrasound to extract with very low energy consumption (9 Wh/kg of extracts according to our latest estimations), while having high yield and preserved active efficiency.

We understand that different raw materials require specific approaches. That's why we tailor our processes to each one, carefully selecting the ideal solvents and technologies to extract the most valuable components from plants.

We work intensively with our supply chain to develop products that deliver more benefits, with less impact by using a code of conduct covering both responsible relationships and purchasing. This code of conduct formalises our commitments and unites our partners around our shared values.