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Hair care

Beautiful & lustrous hair
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Hair care

Our extensive range of quality hair care ingredients are consumer-inspired, sustainability-driven, and science-based to satisfy the diverse and complex needs of the modern consumer.

Everyone’s hair has unique and specific needs but all share common goals; caring for the health of hair and keeping it looking great. Hair care is about looking AND feeling good and modern hair care formulations need to meet both criteria. For deeply transformative results, beautiful hair requires care that extends beyond the surface, encompassing the scalp and extending all the way from root to tip.

At Croda, our goal is to create ingredients that will connect consumer products with consumer desires. With a passionate team of hair experts, we use chemistry to meet the aspirations of future consumers and turn these visions into sustainable, state of the art technology that delivers outstanding performance.

With a global network of hair care experts specialising in claims substantiation, our hair care teams have the capability to validate a variety of consumer appealing claims, utilising a diverse range of hair types and established or novel test methods that are unique to Croda. Coupled with our extensive hair care formulation expertise, we are on hand to assist in every aspect of product development to help you meet the specialised needs of your customers.

We also have a large library of on-trend guide formulations for hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, pomades, treatments, colourants, relaxers and styling products.
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Hair care products

Trending in hair care

In this video, members of our global R&D team introduce three new KeraINFUSION formulations - Revitalising Hair Mask, Refreshing Detangler and a Finishing Spray, all of which include KeraMatch™ V. There are also volunteer testimonies to give an overall review of these formulations they have tried out.