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Croda’s latest innovation – ChromaPur™ CV2 and CV7 a sustainable and functional alternative to plastic microbeads.

Developed from a patented technology, ChromaPur CV2 and CV7 are high quality spheroidal cellulose powders with a unique surface structure and morphology, enabling them to provide exceptional sensory and optical benefits, including a soft-focus effect in skin care, and an enhanced pay-off, coverage and colour intensity in colour cosmetics.

ChromaPur CV2 and CV7 are obtained from sustainable practices across the entire production cycle. Derived from upcycled black spruce and made from an environmentally friendly process, the two spheroidal cellulose powders are also 100% natural, vegan, readily biodegradable and COSMOS approved.

As well as their unique profile and properties, it has been demonstrated that ChromaPur CV2 and CV7 offer similar or better performance than widely used plastic microbeads. Therefore, ChromaPur CV2 and CV7 provide a sustainable and functional alternative to plastic microbeads in skin care and colour cosmetics applications.

ChromaPur CV2 and CV7

Croda’s latest innovation