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Indie beauty

Specialist support for indie beauty brands
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Indie Beauty with Croda

We provide specialist support for indie beauty brands by combining our innovative technology and quality ingredients with business and formulation expertise tailored to their unique challenges.

When you buy with Croda Beauty, you get more than just ingredients; you join into a partnership where we can provide support in formulation development, claim substantiation, regulatory compliance, supply chain transparency and marketing insights. Everything you need to go from product development to commercialisation.

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How we can help you

Below are some of the many ways Croda Beauty can support indie brands:

Transparency: The Essentials

Transparency in the beauty industry has become essential, especially for Gen-Z consumers. Croda and Novi can help your Indie Beauty brand on its transparency journey, starting with covering the fundamentals of the topic.

For a limited time, download your exclusive copy of Transparency: The Essentials.
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