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Functional ingredients

Effective, functional ingredients designed to meet consumer trends
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Functional ingredients

We make innovative, effective, functional ingredients designed to meet consumer trends in the beauty industry. Our technology expertise, R&D facilities and our business purpose have made us a trend setter in functional chassis ingredients.

Driven by our purpose, to use smart science to create high-performance ingredients that improve lives, we develop new functional ingredients that will ensure a more sustainable future for the beauty industry.
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Our 100% bio-based ECO Range is the widest range of 100% renewable surfactants on the market. By using an alternate route to EO with bioethanol from biomass sources, it significantly increases the bio-based content of ethoxylated products and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Moreover, the ingredients are manufactured with renewable energy, whilst their performance is identical to petro-based options.

Consumers are more conscious about the impact of their decisions across all aspects of their lives, which has fuelled demand for vegan suitable beauty products. We are meeting this demand with a growing range of vegan alternatives that provide the same effectiveness with more compassion. 

Because our portfolio includes functional ingredients, actives, botanicals and natural fragrances; we can provide everything needed to achieve your targeted formulation.

Functional ingredients