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Sun care

UV filter active ingredients
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Sun care

With our innovative sun care ingredients and formulation expertise we are the leading supplier of mineral sunscreen dispersions.

Did you know 2-3 million cases of skin cancer occur globally each year, with excess sun exposure as the main cause? Did you also know UV exposure may account for up to 80% of visible signs of ageing in the skin? Because, increasingly, consumers know these facts too and are looking for effective sun care products as part of their daily routine. This is the new dawn of sun care, where the beauty of skin protection extends far beyond the beach.
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The beauty of skin protection

With consumer trends moving towards broader and higher sun protection it can be challenging to develop sun care products that meet regional limitations on allowable UV filters, levels and combinations. And at the same time, consumers want sun care to contain natural ingredients, be invisible and be easy to apply. That’s where we can add value to your products.

Our star range of Solaveil™ Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Zinc Oxide (ZnO) UV actives, are the ideal mineral UV filter for your formulation. Available as powders and dispersions, these safe and natural mineral filters have various different particle sizes and are designed to enable you to meet diverse consumer needs and global regulatory requirements.

Supported by our extensive portfolio of emulsifiers, emollients and boosters, we provide the essential building blocks, and the formulation know-how, to optimise the protective properties of your sun care system.

Enrich your formulation with repair actives, botanicals, and fragrances, to add value to your brand and drive consumer loyalty. Croda is your ally in crafting sun care formulations that not only transcend the beach and offer everyday protection, but also promote improved skin health and prevent premature ageing.

Sun care products