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Solaveil™ SpeXtra

A range of titanium dioxide powders and dispersions that offer unprecedented broad spectrum UV protection. The large particle size offers a higher level of UVA protection than traditional grades of TiO2.

Key features:

  • UVB, UVA and Blue Light protection
  • Alumina/stearate coated (except XTP2 which is Silica coated)
  • Large particle size
  • White on skin, an ideal colour base for colour cosmetics
  • Globally approved up to 25% active

The name explained

Solaveil XT

X = SpeXtra = Extra Protection

T = Titanium Dioxide


Solaveil SpeXtra carrier options

100 = C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate

300 = Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

W = Water

Absorption curve of UVA and UVB

Spextra absorption curve

Skin appearance

Spextra skin images showing transparency

SEM image particles

Spextra SEM particle size

Particle size comparison

Spextra particle size comparison
sun cream test

Solaveil calculator

Discover our easy-to-use tool that provides data on inclusion levels and achievable SPF when formulating with Croda’s mineral UV filters.
Discover the Solaveil calculator
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