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The science of solar protection - Formulating for China brochure

When it comes to creating sun protection products for the Chinese consumer, formulators face a unique challenge; to create high performance, multi-functional formulations with superior cosmetic elegance, whilst adhering to stringent regulatory requirements that are continually evolving. Our solar experts have collated an in depth look into the science of sun defence, specifically focussed on the unique requirements of the China market. Whether you are a new formulator in China looking for guidance on your latest sun care formulation development, or you are looking to gain insight into the requirements of the Chinese market, our aim is to assist formulators in the design of UV skin protection products that meet the multi-faceted needs of the Chinese consumer. This brochure provides an overview of the regulatory landscape and consumer preferences when it comes to application areas, ingredient selection and formulation sensory / aesthetics, with comprehensive formulation guidelines.


Brochure (English)

Language: English

Format: PDF

File size: 2.3 MB

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