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Unveiling the Heliami™ range, botanical extracts in unique sunflower oil for water-free beauty

As global concerns regarding water scarcity intensify, the cosmetic industry stands at a pivotal crossroads and is urged to transition away from water-based products towards a more sustainable alternative - water-free formulations. Luckily for our skin, plant-based alternatives exist such as botanical waters or concentrated extracts. What's more, they provide numerous cosmetic benefits for the skin!

The adoption of skin-caring alternatives, particularly oily extracts in lieu of water, represents a successful strategy for cosmetic brands seeking to offer heightened well-being and beauty benefits to their consumer base.

In its pursuit to cultivate a skincare evolution that not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also conscientiously preserves the finite resource of water, Alban Muller has launched the Heliami™ range. This collection of oily extract is obtained by the infusion at 30°C in organic sunflower oil sourced from France.
Female lips with lib balm

What makes Heliami unique in the realm of oily botanical extracts?

Our intention from the outset of designing the range was to offer holistic well-being, by combining a plant associated with bold, trend-driven concepts with an oil of exceptional quality.

The oil chosen is a sunflower oil with a high oleic content, which helps to produce an extract that is more stable to oxidation when exposed to heat and over time than a conventional oil.
What's more, efficacy tests on the effects of this oil on the skin barrier have been carried out. They showed that it significantly reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), and therefore that this high oleic acid content helps to better preserve the integrity of the skin barrier and prevent skin dehydration, compared with conventional sunflower oil.

To what extent does Heliami align with prevailing market trends?

Five oily extracts have so far been formulated to align with current market trends.

This range will be expanded as opportunities arise from new trends and specific customer requests.