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Antibacterial G.O.M. Cleanser

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This transformative cleanser changes from; a clear gel when first applied, to a silky oil when smoothed onto the face then to a milk when water is applied. The inclusion of the gentle emulsifier, Cithrol™ 10GTIS, ensures oils and impurities are immediately emulsified upon contact with water, allowing them to be effortlessly washed away. The addition of OleoCraft™ LP-20 gives the formulation its gel-like structure. Lipexel™ counteracts the impact of cleansing by restoring the skin’s natural lipidic film and also provides optimal hydration. Phytessence™ Margosa contains limonoids, polyphenols and volatile cyclic sulphides which help to provide antibacterial benefits to the skin.

Formulation details


  • Skin care - Cleanser

Phase type

  • Single phase


  • Jelly


  • Gel & jelly


  • Transparent


  • Luxury

Consumer benefit

  • Cleansing
  • Gentle
  • Hydrating


  • Singapore
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