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In-Shower Beauty Booster

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In-shower moisturiser that effectively improves the skin barrier, helping consumers to get ready in half of the time. Includes innovative ingredients such as: CrodamolTM STS that enhances wash-off resistance of the cream and forms cohesive films. DuraquenchTM IQ SA is ideal for moisturising wash-off systems and visibly increases moisturisation with long-lasting besides forming an intelligent structural bilayer on the skins surface while reinforcing the skins natural barrier hydration. The IncroquatTM Behenyl TMS-50 conditions the skin and keeps moisturisation even after shower.

Formulation details


  • Skin care - Bath / shower / soap

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Creamy


  • Other


  • Opaque


  • N/A

Consumer benefit

  • Moisturising


  • Brazil
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