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CRODAFOS CES constitutes an entirely new emulsifying and conditioning system for Personal Care and represents an exciting innovation in phosphate chemistry from Croda. CRODAFOS CES possesses unique emulsifying properties that allow it to form emulsions that display markedly different characteristics than those of conventional emulsifying waxes. These emulsions exhibit a combination of natural substantivity, greater oil deposition, and shear thinning (thixotrophy) to promote fast simultaneous release of oil and water-based actives from emulsions. CRODAFOS CES is a cost-effective conditioning and emulsifying system with great versatility, enabling formulators to create a wide range of elegant products that are economical as well as functional. As delivery vehicles, CRODAFOS CES emulsions are optimized to provide enhanced performance and offer tremendous benefits as the emulsifier system of choice for today’s functionally active skin care and hair care products.


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