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Solaveil™ calculator

Formulating with inorganic UV filters
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How the Solaveil™calculator works

Our Solaveil Calculator helps formulators meet a range of SPF and UVA labelling requirements by providing data on inclusion levels and achievable SPF using our Solaveil range of inorganic UV filters.

I know the SPF I want to achieve

The Solaveil Calculator gives you the SPF for single ingredients and provides you with quick information about what levels to use.

I know the inclusion level of inorganic UV filter

The Solaveil Calculator allows you to look at the efficacy of Solaveils. You can use this for combinations of Solaveils - however, please note that the critical wavelength, UVA/UVB ratio and EU requirement for UVA protection are not additive so not calculable by the tool.

Disclaimer; The Solaveil Calculator is not a replacement for in-vivo testing and does not indicate the inclusion level limits (25% TiO2 and 25% ZnO).

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