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Lipidami™ Red Poppy

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Corn Poppy is native to the Mediterranean basin and grows along paths, in meadows, and in wheat fields. It in fact spread across many regions by simply mixing with cereal grains during harvest. It is now found in Central and Southern Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, Eastern and Central Asia, and North America. Corn Poppy flowers have always been known for their soothing and pectoral qualities. Its herbal teas or syrups were recommended for children and old people who were kept awake by their coughs. Traditional medicine in the 17th Century used corn poppy as a sudorific, a febrifuge, and an anti-rheumatism. Finally, herbal teas made with poppy petals are known to reduce small wrinkles. In Mediterranean countries, during the Spring, the young leaves of poppy are eaten in salads. As for the seeds, they have been popular since ancient times in bread, biscuits and all sorts of cakes. Corn poppy can also be used to dye wool, silk, leather, paper, and plastic a reddish pink colour. Corn poppies are a symbol of joy.

INCI name

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (and) Papaver Rhoeas Petal Extract

Lipidami Red Poppy

Product details

Physical form at 25°C

  • Liquid


  • Botanical extracts
  • Conventional extraction


  • Emotive ingredients

Regional availability

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • N America


  • Skin care


  • Bath, shower & soaps
  • Antiperspirants & deodorants
  • After sun
  • Body care
  • Eye contour care
  • Face / neck skin care
  • Face colour
  • Facial cleansers
  • Foot care
  • Leg care
  • Lip care
  • Lip colour
  • Make-up removal
  • Nail care & colour
  • Beard care

Consumer benefit

  • Softness
  • Calming / soothing / redness

Certifications and standards

  • Halal
  • ISO 16128 - derived natural
  • ISO 16128 - derived organic ingredient
  • Vegan suitable

Regional compliance


Ingredient origin

  • Plant derived

Composition information

  • Preservative free

% Natural content – ISO 16128

  • 100

% Organic content – ISO 16128

  • 95.9


  • Expected to be readily biodegradable


Property Units Value
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Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: Lipidami Red Poppy

Thanks to its antocyans and phenolic acids, corn poppy flower is known for its soothing and softening activities, ideal for body and baby care.

Language: English | Size: 361.5kb

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