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Crodarom® Garlic

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Garlic is native to Central Asia and Iran, and has long been a common seasoning worldwide. It was known to ancient Egyptians and has been used both as food flavoring and as a traditional medicine. By offering its unique nutritional value and a wide range of medicinal benefits, this plant was quickly identified as one of the most precious gifts of our nature. One of the earliest documented plants use by human for the treatment of diseases and maintenance of health was the garlic. It is said to fight cancer, but it has also many different benefits for skin and hair. Traditionally the oil or the juice of garlic is applied on hair to reduce hair loss and favor regrowth. Garlic can be used to treat skin infections, keep youthful elasticity in tissues and fight cellulite, as well as treating and preventing dandruff. With its antioxidant power, it prevents or slows down the signs of ageing. This plant fights against acne and black heads.

INCI name

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Crodarom Garlic

Product details

Physical form at 25°C

  • Liquid


  • Botanical extracts
  • Eco-sound™ extraction


  • Emotive ingredients

Regional availability

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • N America


  • Skin care


  • Hair colour
  • Hair conditioners - leave on
  • Hair conditioners - rinse off
  • Scalp treatments

Consumer benefit

  • Antimicrobial
  • Purifying

Certifications and standards

  • Halal
  • ISO 16128 - natural ingredient
  • ISO 16128 - derived natural
  • Vegan suitable

Regional compliance


Ingredient origin

  • Plant derived

Composition information

  • EO/PO free
  • EDTA free
  • BHT / BHA free

% Natural origin content – ISO 16128

  • 99.4


  • Expected to be readily biodegradable


Property Units Value
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Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: Crodarom Garlic

One of the oldest remedies to maintain health and treat diseases, with many different benefits for skin and hair.

Language: English | Size: 145.29kb

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