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Phytotal™ AW PS

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Phytotal AW PS is a botanical complex of 3 plants, jujube, wild thyme and lady's mantle, a unique blend of hydrophilic and lipophilic active compounds. Jujube fruit contains mucilages, sterols, flavonoids (kaempferol, myricetin), acids (malic, citric, ursolic, betulinic acid) and remarkable concentrations of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (c-AMP). C-AMP is responsible as a secondary messenger for the metabolic processes in the inner of the cells. It is said to be energizing and to prevent changes and appearances of early ageing of the skin. Its use has a long tradition in Chinese Medicine to strengthen muscles and to boost physical endurance. Wild Thyme contains essential oil with manly thymol and carvacrol. The leaves also contain caffeic, rosmarinic, ursolic and oleanolic acid. The plant possesses firming activity and it is said to help on inflammable changes of the skin. Traditional phytotherapeutic uses are wound treatments and the general support of metabolism as a fountain of youth. Lady's Mantle contains large quantities of gallic tannins, flavonoid and organic acids (salicylic acid). It has tonic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties that assure reduction of wrinkles. It has been used since centuries for its astringent and regenerating effects. The phytosynergy of these three plants confers to the extract its anti-wrinkle, anti-roughness and balance of microrelief powers.

INCI name

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Product details

Physical form at 25°C

  • Liquid


  • Botanical extracts
  • Conventional extraction
  • Microwave extraction


  • Active ingredients

Regional availability

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • N America


  • Skin care


  • Body care
  • Eye contour care
  • Face / neck skin care
  • Scalp treatments

Consumer benefit

  • Anti-ageing
  • Smoothing

Certifications and standards

  • Halal
  • ISO 16128 - derived natural
  • Vegan suitable

Regional compliance



Property Units Value
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Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: Phytotal AW PS

Phytotal AW PS; NA22107; Lady's Mantle / Jujube / Wild Thyme

Language: English | Size: 141.99kb

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