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Well-ageing and pampering hair oil

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This hair oil is the ideal way to restore hair pigmentation and to protect the scalp while providing a softening effect. Silverfree™ counteracts hair greying while Apiscalp™ fights against itching, dryness and hyperseborrhea of irritated scalp as well as dandruff. This oil should be applied to the hair for at least 1 hour then rinsed. Immediately after contact with water, all the emulsified oils and impurities will be effortlessly washed away. The inclusion of the mild and gentle emulsifier Cithrol™ 10GTIS ensures the stability and allows cold processing for energy saving. Crodabond™ CSA seals down lifted cuticles and repairs split ends and Phytolea™ Baobab EC completes this hair treatment. Crodamol™ IPIS allows to easily remove impurities, while Crodamol™ STS enhances shine. In addition, Seatons Coconut Oil has a light texture ideal for hair products. This oil provides an immediate on-the-go hair moisturisation with a smooth and silky feel and ensures an in-depth treatment for long

Formulation details


  • Hair care - Treatments

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Velvety


  • Oil


  • Transparent


  • Cold process
  • Mineral oil / petrochemical-free
  • Silicone-free

Consumer benefit

  • Anti-fade (hair colour)
  • Calming / soothing
  • Gloss / shine
  • Moisturising
  • Softening


  • France
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