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Quick Dissolving Cleansing Sheet

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This Quick-Dissolving Cleansing Sheet is a somewhat off-the-radar formulation that was developed with environment and sustainability, portability, convenience and ease-of-use in mind. Comes in paper-thin, travel-size, single-use sheets that quickly dissolve with the addition of water and with gentle rubbing, delivers a good amount of foam for effective cleansing. Contains powerful sulfate-free surfactants that confer mildness, Crodasinic™ LS95, Crodateric™ CAB 30 and Crodateric CAS 50. Uses xanthan gum as a film former and propylene glycol as a plasticizer for the film. The formulation also contains cornstarch as a filler and aids in the ease of dissolution of the sheets during use. Water is used in the base formulation as a processing aid but is later let to evaporate in the drying oven to form the sheets.

Formulation details


  • Skin care - Cleanser

Phase type

  • Multiple phase undispersed


  • Foaming


  • Other


  • Opaque


  • Sulfate-free

Consumer benefit

  • Cleansing
  • Fresh
  • Gentle
  • Non-sticky


  • Singapore
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