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Thermoreversible Wash Off Gel Pack

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This cooling and moisturising concept formulation mask offers a new sensational and transformative texture experience, to relax the skin in the hot summer season, or after sun exposure! Thermoreversible Wash Off Gel Pack exhibits a liquid form when stored in the refrigerator at around 4 - 10°C offering easy application. Croda Beauty's Synperonic™ PE/F 87 forms a thermoreversible gel at a high-use level and upon application to the skin, the liquid shows its thermogelling properties and slowly becomes a crystal-clear, thick gel. The inclusion of Croda Beauty Actives Hydraprotectol SP™ provides all the benefits of snail mucus for long-lasting and in-depth hydration, whilst Croda Beauty Botanicals Phytessence™ Kudzu, rich in isoflavones helps to maintain cell dynamism and thus the youthfulness of the skin. Created using only six different ingredients, this formulation also meets consumer demand for minimalist personal care products.

Formulation details


  • Skin care - Face / neck care

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Jelly


  • Gel & jelly


  • Transparent


  • Oil-free

Consumer benefit

  • Hydrating
  • Moisturising


  • Singapore
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