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Mango Lip tint Stick

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This lip tint payoffs a pink gradient on lips. Cropure™ Mango Butter is semi-solid at room temperature due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acid. It is non-tacky, non-greasy and offers a unique melting texture that can be applied in anhydrous balm applications. Some ingredients in this formulation are highly purified by Super Refined™ Technology. They are highly stable against rancidity; will not cause negative impacts to odour and colour during stability, even without antioxidants. Cropure OL and Cropure Jojoba impart a lighter sensory due to their higher content of saturated fatty acid. The combined use of Cropures here will offer skin care and lip care benefits, acting as a protective layer to prevent moisture loss.

Formulation details


  • Colour cosmetics - Lip

Phase type

  • Multiple phase dispersed


  • Buttery


  • Stick


  • Opaque


  • Silicone-free

Consumer benefit

  • Non-sticky


  • Japan
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