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Comfort Sun Cream SPF 30 PA+++

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This cream is special designed to provide UV protection and an ultra-light and smooth sensation throughout the day. The cream is non-greasy and gets absorbed in the skin, highly suitable for daily wear for face and body. Solaveil™ CT-10W is transparent TiO2 dispersion provides UVB protection. Crodafos™ CES is O/W emulsifier; its Phosphate-like structure makes them naturally substantive to the skin offering a rich and conditioned after feel. Its thixotropic properties produce greater oil phase release for luxurious sensations, boosting SPF and enhances water resistance in sunscreens. Crodamol™ BOSS is an excellent organic sunscreen solubiliser with ultra-light emolliency for silky and smooth afterfeel.

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  • Sun care - Sun protection
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