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Phytotal™ VT PS

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Phytotal VT PS is a botanical complex of 3 plants, linden, horse chestnut and cypress, a unique blend of hydrophilic and lipophilic active compounds. Linden extracts improve the strength of the walls of small blood vessels and have anti-inflammatory and astringent effects to soothe irritated skin and scalp. The sapwood of linden contains polyphenols, catechin tannins and gallic tannins as well as coumarinic heterosides (fraxoside and esculoside). Cypress seeds are used against symptoms of venous insufficiency. The seeds contain essential oil (including alpha-pinene), sesquiterpenes (cedrol or cypress camphor) and catechin tannins. Applied externally cypress essential oil astringes varicose veins, tightening up the blood vessels. Horse Chestnut extracts are used due to their anti-inflammatory, astringent and veinotonic effects for slimming treatment, anti-couperose creams and for shampoos. Horse chestnut seeds contain starch, sugars, lipids, heterosides of flavonols (glucosides of quercetin and kaempferol), saponosides (better known as Escines). Beta-escine, as one of the major components of this plant, acts on elasticity and the resistance of blood vessels which strengthens venous tonus and helps to reduce leg circumference and volume in individuals with excessive fluid accumulation in these tissues. The phytosynergy of these three plants confers to the extract its anti-redness powers bringing back radiance to the skin.

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Product details

Physical form at 25°C

  • Liquid


  • Botanical extracts
  • Conventional extraction
  • Microwave extraction


  • Active ingredients

Regional availability

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • N America


  • Skin care


  • Body care
  • Eye contour care
  • Face / neck skin care
  • Foot care
  • Leg care
  • Lip care
  • Scalp treatments

Consumer benefit

  • Microcirculation

Certifications and standards

  • Halal
  • ISO 16128 - derived natural
  • Vegan suitable


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Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: Phytotal VT PS

Phytotal VT PS is an anti-redness and radiance booster complex that balances microcirculation, restores comfort and minimises redness of the skin.

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